Tree surveys and reports

We have surveyed numerous trees throughout the years, supplying a range of reports on subjects throughout the arboricultural spectrum; currently we specialise in the following areas:

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  • BS 5837 - "Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction"; if you are applying for planning consent and trees are present on your site, then planners will probably ask you to provide a 5837 report. click here to go to our "5837" report page for more information
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  • Arboriculturalists reports are usually required now to accompany applications for consent to carry out works to trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), or within a building conservation area. Click on the link to download current TPO guidance
  • All landowners have a duty of care, and should take reasonable steps to ensure their trees don't pose a risk to persons or property; the National Tree Safety Group (NTSG) have recently published a series of useful guides on the subject. Click here to download the householders summary guidance


  • MAPPING - Don't have a map? - Don't worry! Our association with Pear Technology means that we can now obtain digital maps, large or small, tailored specifically to your site for upload direct to our mapping software. We can then produce as many maps at as many different scales as you require and send them to you in a whole range of formats, including hard copy up to A3 size.        

Please note that we are not "tree surgeons", so if you are looking for someone to carry out works to individual trees you could try one of the following, all of whom have given good service to our customers over the years (other contractors are of course available!):
  • Finch Arboriculture -
  • Castle Tree Care  -